Sherlock: Hand On Glass


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(If you were removed from my friend list and want back in, let me know.)
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"Everytime I see the word "necromancer", I think of someone romancing the dead."

A new day.

Not quite awake...
I need caffeine!
*grabby hands*

I'm thinking about doing a friends cut here.
Mostly because I do post this for a private group,
Hopefully those I can trust,
And if I'm not in communications then how can I say I trust?
So, yup,
Friend Cut,
It's not that there are many people here from my group of friends any way.
Seriously I only see a few postings here and there,
At this point I think its...
*counting on fingers*
Six people I have heard from since my return.
One more is posting from time to time in her journal but we haven't talked.
Yeah, might do a culling.
If you are lurking, speak up...
Or don't.
(I will post this public so it's clear afterwards when you return.)

Off I go for now.
Might return to post more when my brain functions.
Might be back to bitch about my head doctor appointment...
I usually want to bitch about that after.